Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life Changes!

Well, I don't have my computer back yet, so I am at the library.  When checking my blog, to my surprise, I have 10 followers.  I want to thank each of you for taking the time to follow my blog.  I haven't posted since May, because I felt like I was talking to myself, and since I can do that without a computer, I guess I just gave up.  Now that I know someone's listening, I am encouraged to keep blogging, so thanks so much.  If you have a blog, please let me know so I can follow you back.

I have settled back at home in Ohio.  Kentucky was fun and I will miss my brother, his girlfriend and my nieces, but so excited to be back where I belong.  I missed my little town in Ohio for the past year, and now I know that this is my home.

I have decided to once again get back on the healthy eating and exercise kick.  I listened to a quilting podcast, and she has inspired me to get healthy.  She is using the website, if you use this too, feel free to friend me RunningStitches65, would love to encourage anyone that is interested.

On to crafting news - I haven't done any crafting since I moved back to Ohio a few weeks ago.  I still have to finish up the Patriotic Snowman.  The Lizzy Kate Summer Mystery SAL should be shipping soon, so I need to get it done, as I am so excited to get started stitching on that, it will be my first SAL.  I have never done a Mystery cross stitch, so this should be fun and interesting.  Is anyone else participating in the SAL?  I have a baby shower to go to Sunday, and really wanted to make a quilt, but just haven't had the time, so I am thinking about a No Sew Blanket and then getting a quilt done when the baby is born sometime in October.

Christmas in July - Going to try and get my list together of presents I want to make for Christmas in July, and hope to start on them in August.

Well, I will close for now, please cross your fingers and keep me in your prayers that I can find a job soon.  The money for all my projects has to come from somewhere.  Lol!

Thanks for visiting my blog come back soon and have a great day!
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Hi Vicki,

My blog is as

Looking forward to seeing your projects.


I just found your blog. I haven't done a mystery sal before. I am really picky on my cross stitching, so not sure if I would ever do a mystery one. I have found that it is better to change my food habits or exercise in small steps every day. Good luck!

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